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Meet Kamala

Kim Kamala Ekman has been active in the world of Yoga since 2005. Her serious interest in Yoga began once she was exposed to the wisdom and clarity of the Raja Yoga tradition, the science of the mind, through the Yoga sutras of Patanjali. She is filled with fervour concerning Raja Yoga -the science of the mind - and from her own experience knows that we all need to find balance and peace of mind, to be able to live an easeful, peaceful and useful life.

Her greatest daily challenge and wish are to be a devoted mother to her three children, a good partner and also to be able to share the wonderful world of yoga with everyone. She is always searching to find an increased interior understanding of herself through meditation and asanas.

Kamala is a certified International Raja Yoga teacher and Integral Hatha Yoga teacher, committed to helping people make yoga part of their daily lives. As a teacher she has seen the huge impact which Yoga can have on the quality of life of those who practice it.

Kamala has also attended Yoga For The Special Child with Sonia Sumar, a program encompassing basic yoga theraphy techniques and teaching methods to enhance the natural development of infants and children with special needs.

After working with regular yoga clients and realizing that a big piece of the healing journey is self-awarenes, she has designed a Yogic life coaching program. Curious about how we show up to ourselves and others, and how yoga practice helps us manage much bigger issues than tight hamstrings, she realized that through an awareness practice we can learn how to manage change.

In addition, she has done several Anthony Robbins-courses and studied with her spiritual teacher and mentor Nalanie Harilela Chellaram since 2005. A study that she will carry on throughout her life.

Kamala is as well a certified Padi Dive Master and love being in the water, especially with wild dolphins. The first time she swam with dolphins was in the Red Sea in 1995 and she is convinced that nobody leaves an encounter with a wild dolphin untouched. She is also sure that meeting dolphins in their own environment can teach us respect for nature, joy and trust between people.

'I live the life I love; I love the life I live!'                      

" Let go of the Past.
Live in the Present.
Be Happy!"

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