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I started practising yoga after loosing my beautiful Mother. Kamala has tought me the importance of physical, intellectual and spiritual balance whilst she is continuously challenging and motivating me. After practising yoga with Kamala I feel energised, happy, positive and incredibly relaxed. Yoga had also improved my sleep and my flexibility. Kamala is very skilled, natural, kind person who is full of inspiration. She has the most amazing soporific voice that induces my sleep. My life has changed completely since I met Kamala. My positive attitude to life and my strong psychological resilience have been promoted by yoga and yoga for me is Kamala.
                                                            - Erika

Coming from a sporty background but keen to start practising yoga due to a lot of injuries. I was delighted to take part in Kamalas yoga class. I was a bit apprehensive as I thought that there is no way I could just "join" in but Kamala put me at ease straight away. I wanted to hide at the back but she put me up the front where she could see me. She demonstrated so beautifully all the poses herself then went around checking on us and correcting our positions.

As a novice I learnt so much and the time went too quickly for me liking. I especially enjoyed the breathing excercises, which you can incorporate into your daily life!! Kamala is warm and friendly, smiling throughout the class encouraging. I have also attended one of Kamalas workshops and it was educational, spiritual, thought provoking and you take away valuable tools you can use in your life!!

I cannot recommend Kamala highly enough. I did not think that Yoga could be as enjoyable or beneficial, but Kamala proved me wrong. I am very grateful to her that my first experience of yoga was so magical. Thank you!!
                                                            - Louise McLoughlin

Feeling s o o o o o nice and relaxed and energised! Thank you ... it was a beautiful class I really enjoyed it!
                                                            - Louise Sutton

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful energy you shared with us this morning. I loved it, especially how you use the breath into your classes and than you are always very considerate, gentle and still it is hard work.
                                                            - Vanessa

What a fantastic workshop we have had! Thank you beautiful Kamala! The after effect is truly magical.
                                                            - Erica

Yoga with Kamala is an absolute joy. Her classes are relaxed but focussed, and I have found that both my mind and body have benefited from her expertise in the art of yoga practice. Kamala brings her unique balance of instruction and nurturing to her classes so that the pupil learns and develops without feeling pressured or uncomfortable.

Whether it is one-on-one lesson in your own home or an open class, sessions with Kamala are never a chore, and I always look forward to the combination of stretching, breathing and deep relaxation.
                                                            - Stephanie Aarons

I followed the yoga class with Kamala for the last 3 years. She has been a wonderful teacher, has always taking good care of us and very good at transmitting her good knowledge of yoga practice.
                                                            - Viviane Girard

Great workshop this morning x feel fantastic x thank you.
                                                            - Amanda

Thank you lovely Kamala for a fabulous yoga practice. It was the most de-toxing I have ever done. It left me completely bushed yesterday and delightfully excited today. Thank you for the gifts you brought to me and all the others there. I look forward to the next and to anything else you may offer. Love, light and glorious joy.
                                                            - Eileen Murphy, Clinical Director

Kamala is a joyful guide through yoga with an intuitive knowledge of our channels and systems. She can, in a bit more than an hour, change the whole feeling towards my body.
                                                            - Loreta

Thanks to you for being an amazing Teacher. I felt the workshop was beautifully put together and balanced. I feel fully energised and can't wait for the next session in June. I really wish that you held a weekly Yoga class! If you do decide to start one as you mentioned after class today, please let me know! Love and Light, Namaste
                                                            - Becky Smith

I first met Kamala a few years ago, and started going to her yoga classes, she is a brilliant yoga teacher, who is very professional, caring and helpful to all her students. She has a true love of yoga, and she gives of herself 100%. It is a real privilage to meet a person who is very jolly, loving and sincere, and the real belief for me is, that you must have REAL love and compassion in what you do, and above all, walk your talk and this is what Kamala does. Much Love and Namaste
                                                            - Debbie Durante

          What can I say... Kamala is simply the BEST ;-).
                                                            - Ole Dammegård

Kamala's Yoga gives me a feeling of grace, demeanor and sense of balance and harmony. Very grateful for the feeling of internal peace it provides!
                        - Z (Camino Recovery Centre, San Pedro, Spain)

I have practiced yoga with Kamala for several years; she is well practiced in a wide range of exercises which she tailors well to the age, experience and ability of her class and she is very attentive to each member of her classes to ensure correct performance throughout.
                                                          - Barry Pennington-Stone

Philipp and I really enjoyed your Yoga lesson you are a great teacher. Thank you very much and we hope to see you soon. Namaste.
                                                          - Paulina & Philipp

" Watch your thoughts;
they become words.

Watch your words;
they become actions.

Watch your actions;
they become habits.

Watch your habits;
they become character.

Watch your character;
for it becomes your destiny. "

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