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Yoga benefits

If you wish to eliminate the toxins that have already found room in the body, then Hatha Yoga can help. The Yoga postures and breathing techniques purify the physical body. Even if you have developed some bad habits, by practicing Hatha Yoga you will lose all the undesirable cravings. All the cravings for drugs, smoke, and alcohol are caused by the toxins that are already in the body.

Once you have found your own inner stillness, through regular meditation, you will be able to access it again and again and with ever greater ease. This brings with it many far-reaching and profound benefits. You will start to notice some changes within yourself fairly quickly; others will take more time. If you are so inclined, it is worth keeping a diary, so that, after some experience of meditating you can look back on how you have changed.

Discovering your own inner stillness will have a ripple effect on the rest of your life, bringing surprise benefits as well as some that are more predictable, such as better health and a longer attention span.

Regular practitioners say they develop a feeling of greater emotional equilibrium. In psychoanalytic terms, they involve their egos less in everyday situations. According to Buddhists, one of the results of meditation should be a feeling of compassion - much easier when your ego is dissolved. Self control, in turn, increases self confidence and a person's sense of certainty. Simply put, this means meditation could make you 'nicer' to your fellow beings.

Meditation does not mean 'zoning out'. In fact, regular practice will make your mind much sharper and quicker. The ability to concentrate is hugely enhanced, so that tasks take less time and feel easier to accomplish. When you decide to do something, you will be able to just do it, instead of wasting time agonizing about it.

On a purely physiological level, meditation has been subject to many scientific studies since the 1960s. These have shown that among its benefits are lower blood pressure, alleviation of some pain, increased levels of the sleep hormone melatonin and lower stress levels. It also seems to help people trying to quit smoking or taking hard drugs. Some doctors have prescribed meditation for insomniacs, chronic pain sufferers and heart patients, with good results.

Meditation is a key to success in all spheres of existence, because those who are able to check the restless wanderings of their mind and focus their attention at will, can learn anything easily and achieve their desired goals in life

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